Off To Camp and Carnival

Rifka Kitty had the opportunity to go to Camp this summer with her buddy Gamerboy.


Each day, she worked on different parts of a carnival. She had a blast.

Rifka Kitty is waiting for the day to start by playing with other campers.


Here she is checking out the camp schedule.

Rifka Kitty loved working on the rock wall.

This is the ferris wheel she helped to build.

She also helped build a swing ride.


Here she is working on various items.

She also joined the campers in making pretend food for other stuffies and dolls.

Pizza Day was fun too.


And finally Carnival Day came…she enjoyed the rides.

And playing the games.

She went to the food and drink both.


She bought herself a smoothie.


Then went to the picnic area and had pie.


She even meet one of her favourite storybook friends.


She had the best time and thanks the staff, volunteers, and campers at the Wilson Education Resource Center for her first camp experience.


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