The Canadian Adventure Review

This year, we decided to study Canada in our social studies. So we got ourselves a copy of The Canadian Adventure – A Virtual Trip Across Canada from The Canadian Homeschooler.

This amazing resource has all kinds of things to see, read and do; broken into each province and territory:

  • Each Chapter starts of using a book which we do not have but had another one that we substituted and works just as good.
  • There are numerous links to videos and each one is amazing.
  • There are links to various locations and historical events which make it fun for the kids.
  • There links to maps that can be printed as well as written activities.
  • Also included are links to to some fun crafts and amazing recipes that are local to the province or territory.

Here is a sample picture:


We have been using it now for five weeks. The kids love it as do I (Rebel Dad). We are in our third province.

It is broken up easily enough that you plan to do each chapter over two weeks and can be used infinitely different ways.

It has sparked so many cool discussions and interest to know more and often we find ourselves looking for more videos on something.

It has enough balance of online and “tablework” that the kids are not stuck at either, which is good for GamerBoy who has ADHD.

We also are able to get the kids in the kitchen to improve their cooking skills.

We are using the crafts to decorate our Canada wall and the knowledge they have been learning is being used in their time traveling comic book. (Our theme this year is fixing the Canadian timeline because some is awry with it.)

We highly recommend this resource for learning about Canada and as been previously stated can be used in so many ways.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated in a business way in any shape or form with The Canadian Homeschooler.