Courage & Conquest Review

Courage and Conquest is a study of Canadian history from the beginning to  Confederation. It is by Donna Ward.

We got the pdf version as a prize from an online conference.

For this review, I thought I would do a pro vs. con list; as we are using it as part of our Canadian studies.


It is a spine curriculum; it gives you a lesson with an introductory page and some questions. It, then, has a list recommended readings and videos.

It also comes with a timeline.

This allows you to use other resources and allows you to expand where necessary or condense if the kids are not interested in a particular area or has sufficient knowledge already.

You do not have to use the recommended readings or videos.

It is enough information to use as a smaller component of a large study like we are doing.


As I said it is a spine curriculum, therefore requires you to get other resources to expand it beyond a small lesson.

For us, we didn’t have the ability to purchase all the recommended readings and videos, so we have had to use what we already have and rely on taking time to find stuff online.

Also, our kids like a more hands on approach to things and there are no activities in the curriculum, just a few questions for each lesson. So again, one has to spend time finding things.


I do recommend this product as part of a larger social study curriculum. We love it as its Canada based and has a Canadian point of view. We love being able to branch out into discussions and other areas of research that come from what is taught.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Donna Ward or Northwoods Press in anyway other that as a customer.