Apologia Review

Five years ago, we started a new journey into creation science using Apologia’s Young Explorers Series.

It has been quite a journey. And we have grown so much in faith and understanding of the world. Because I (Rebel Dad), grew up in the evolution theory world and struggled to reconcile what I was now believing through faith and my love of science , this series as tool for myself and the kids has beyond amazing.

We started our journey with Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day.


We did this program as a mini co-op with friends using the lesson plans in the notebooks. This meant, we did each “Lesson” over two days; Saturdays usually. This came with some challenges that as new homeschoolers made it not as fun for our boys.

As it was our first year, we were preoccupied with making sure things were done so we could not be in “trouble” with outside agencies. Tests were created and marked. And the lessons were long and for GamerBoy, with his ADHD could not retain the knowledge.

Also differences in teaching styles caused some stress on us.

Nevertheless, the pros of this curriculum and its inclusion method made it still fun. Both our kids enjoyed the experiments and making the Ocean Boxes.

Using prepared notebooks and ordering the kits through another site made our life easier.

We loved the way it was laid out and how it talked about god and creation.

The depth, if you pardon my pun, of knowledge was so great that we made the decision to stop using the other science curriculum we had altogether and look at what we wanted to do next.

Things changed when we started with Astronomy.


The one thing I did not like was the way the “lessons” were set up by apologia and I thought there has to be a way to break it down into more manageable daily lessons . So after some internet research, I found that on the site we normally order curriculum from someone had done so and we ordered the astronomy one and it was a life changer.

We were able to pair notebook activities and experiments with this lesson plan so that what the kids learned that day is what was done and no waiting. We also stopped making tests and decided to let the notebooks speak for themselves.

This text was updated with the controversy of Pluto and also allowed the kids to dress up to act out a play which was so much fun.

We loved again how the universe was explained through the filter of the bible and it deepened all our faiths.

We loved building a solar system model on our ceiling.

We also found that Gamerboy retained the knowledge better.  Both kids had their creativity stretched and they were demanding to watch more videos about the planets.

And so we made the decision to do Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day the next year.


This was so much fun for us. We were able to explore the differences in creation science and evolutionary science; to have great faith based discussions. We could see how things were designed.

The activities and notebooks were again a great help in many things.

We were able, because of our move, to incorporate a trip to a butterfly conservatory and a raptor center. to augment what we were learning.

The studies of raptors also tied into our study of falconry during medieval times.

And the kids found the study of flying dinosaurs to be more interesting than the rest and so it lead us to Land Animals of the Sixth Day.


We loved this one so much. Gamerboy reveled the unit of felines and we were able to watch so many fun documentaries.

Craftster even took on his major research project in his language program, learning about the Tasmanian Devil, because of what he learned in the unit of the marsupials.

What apologia does this series, is really open the kids kids minds to other possibilities and to pique their interest so they spent time on their own researching.

One of the extra activities in the notebooks was to build a zoo over the course of the year and we did so. It was a highlight and we had to get creative due to budget but it didn’t matter.

Here are a few pictures of that.

We are studying Human Anatomy and Physiology this year.


This is most exciting for us and while we have not started, having looked it over and did most of the prep work; I know it will not disappoint us.

I highly recommend Apologia’s Young Explorers  to any family looking to show their kids the world of science through a creation point of view and want an inclusive style that includes a variety of projects and experiments.

DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with Apologia in any way other than as a customer.