Added Some links

If you haven’t checked out our Useful Links section, you should!!!

I have just added a few more today.

I have added:

We have been using this site to listen to the audio versions of his stories after reading the book.

A cool site that teaches how to incorporate some of your geeky hobbies and shows into your schooling.

We have one of their curriculum books to use this year…review  is coming soon.

A site where you can order the above curriculum from in Canada.

Generally where we order our curriculum books from for the year…easy and safe.

We have been using their Young Explorers Series for Science for years now. Review is coming soon.


Blog Updates

It’s that time of year again…school is starting so I am working to update the blog a bit.


Some pictures will be removed from blog posts to make room for new pictures. As I can not afford to upgrade at this time.


I have removed the background and fixed a few minor details. As well as I have added a search bar.

Gonoodle Fun

Gamerboy is seeing a specialist for his ADHD and he recommended Gonoodle for a source of physical activity which would appeal to Gamerboy’s love of dance. He said it would help him to focus for school and to get him to move in a way that was not disrupting the flow of the day.

We have been doing it everyday for over a week.. I, RebelDad, have joined in everyday. It is low impact enough for me and my cerebral palsy. I am hoping the 20-30 mins a day we do will help me to lose a bit of weight.

Each day, we start out with the video called “I am a Warrior.” While it is a yoga based stretching video, it also have some good affirmation statements that we felt would help Gamerboy in building his confidence.

It has not only helped Gamerboy immensely, it has also created bonding time with him. We love the various videos and love working towards the 10 videos we need each day to get an item for Gamerboy’s “Champ;” who Gamerboy has named David.


This is Gamerboy’s favourite video character; Maximo. He does the Chicken Dance and the “Maxerina”


It also has function to show how long your kids are active in the parent section.


This is a definitive must have for families who have limited abilities to do physical education. They even have super mixes they call indoor recess, they count as 2-3 points towards the champ’s items.. We do one of these everyday too.