Manitoulin Report 2017


Here is a brief slideshow of our trip.


This year, the whole family went up. I, of course, helped in crafts again. Craftster was on the science team. GamerBoy was an undercover agent for Jesus as a camper. BakersMom ran the babysitting program for the ladies ministry.

Overall, the trip went well. We had three rain days this year, but it ran smoothly I thought.

The issues I had were of personal growth…which God blessed me through.

Gamerboy had rough day on camp day one. He was made fun of and punched for being “white.”

The craft activities went over well and so did science.

We did a time machine theme and of course, for us Whovians, we were very excited.

We saw some good growth in a few of the returning campers and they were very receptive to the message of Jesus.

We had good family bonding time and some bonding time with a few people on the team.

The greatest challenge, I found was dealing with Gamerboy and balancing off day camp time. He wanted to do things and be like the adults…for example stay up really late but this did not work well. So either I or BakersMom had to be in the cabin while he slept and the other could go off to do things. But once we found our groove things went smoothly.

I was very excited for Bakersmom to come up and experience the Island.

Gamerboy was a big help at the day camp before and after day camp. I am so proud of him.

From BakersMom:

” My favourite part was sharing my testimony with my babysitting helpers. I want to thank Karen, Ruth, Salome, Chelsea, and Janany for taking time away from the day camp to help me.”

From GamerBoy:

” My favourite memory is going fishing with Ted. I didn’t catch anything but it was fun.”

From Craftster:

“When we arrived at the entrance to Uncle Steves, where we had our cabins, we were greeted by a family of skunks. It was so cool and we didn’t get sprayed.”


Prayer Requests: 

That God’s will be done. Answered

God will smooth the way before us to Rabbit Island; preparing the hearts of those who we are to reach. Answered.

Financial needs met; this is already partially answered. We are now at 80% the cabin and food costs we need initially. Thanks to our sponsors so far.

Tee-shirt costs still. Answered. Thanks to those who helped.

We have a pet sitter; Answered. Thanks Joe.

Our cat has been acting odd lately…we need wisdom to sort it out. Answered. It seems she sorted herself out.

BakersMom gets a God ordained role. Answered. She is heading up the babysitting ministry for the women who come with kids 0-4…this is new this year.

The craft planning goes smoothly.  Answered, Everything is ok, just need to organize supplies and pack.

Craftster works with the science team again; Answered.

Travel up and back is sorted. Answered. Thank you to the Batters and Mina & Mohsen

We travel well. Answered.

Housing is sorted soon.  Answered: Know what cabin we have plus now we can plan sleeping arrangements properly

We lost an air mattress so we are looking into what we can do… Answered. Thanks granny for helping.

We have an amazing time as a family and part of the team. Answered.