Manitoulin Report 2016

In July, Craftster and I went to Rabbit Island Reserve on Manitoulin Island with a team from our church. We helped run a day camp for the First Nations child. I helped run the craft station and Craftster helped run the Science Station.

I have never been prouder of him and he really enjoyed himself. By the end of the week, we had upwards of 60 kids. Each so unique and wanting God’s love.

The greatest battles these kids face are: The battle between Catholism, Traditionalism (Native Spirittuality), and the Truth as presented in the bible. Often teachings are mixed and confusing; The battle the face every day with relatives who are still suffering from years of abuse by the government, the church missions, and the residential schools; They face battles with alcohol and sustenance abuse, suicides and unfair futures because of their heritage. These kids just want to know they matter, that they are loved.

In the week that we were there, I saw Craftster brighten up so many kids’ day just by being with them.

He also had the opportunity to take part in some leadership training that wasn’t planned for him. Thanks Matt and Tamara from Daystar Native Outreach.

He also had the opportunity to explore parts of the reserve and see God’s Creation that seemed so untouched by man.


And he had the opportunity to bond with members from our church in a very special way.

Craftser says: “It was fun and can’t wait to go back next year.” A child of few words it seems.


Craftser would like to thank all those who supported him in taking this trip.


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