Termite Mound with Termites

You need:


Masking Tape or String.

flour or glue mixture


pipe cleaners

wooden beads


Paper towel roll

cardboard square

scissors, hot glue, paint brushes. and sponges

Step One:

Take a square of cardboard and glue a paper towel roll in the middle or where ever you want your peak. You can see it here in this partially finished inside. (You could also use a christmas paper roll if you want a taller peak and smaller tubes if you want other peaks.)


Step Two:

Take newpaper and ball it up. Use masking tape or string (twine is what we used.) to keep ball shapes.


Step Three:

Using Hot glue glue the balls to make the shape you want for your mound.


Step Four:

Make up flour/glue mixture for paper mache. (This can be easy searched on the net if you don’t know the ratios.) I eyeballed our flour mixture to be gooey and slightly thick. Tear up strips of newspaper and start dipping in the mixture and applying to the structure you have made. MAKE SURE YOU PUT DOWN SOMETHING ON YOUR WORKSPACE! It is messy.


Step Five:

Wait several hours to dry then apply more strips if need be then wait overnight. This makes sure it is absolutely dry for the paint.


Step Six:

Decide what colours you want. Based on my research termite mounds are white, tan, brown, or rusty red. We chose brown and rusty red. We applied a base coat of brown with a paint brush. Wait for it to dry. Then using a sponge, we applied a more rusty red colour to areas of the mound. Do NOT cover the entire brown. We waited for it to dry a bit then used the sponge again to add a more orange rust colour to add highlights.


Step Seven:

While waiting for mound to dry, you can paint the pinecones and the wooden beads white. One bead and one pine cone is all you need to make the queen. Set it aside to dry.


Step Eight:

Now to make smaller termites. You will need one small bead, a slightly larger bead and a piece of pipe cleaner. Termites can come in white, tan and a light brownish colour. Craftster chose light brown beads and GamerBoy chose tan beads.


Step Nine:

Take the pipe cleaner and fold it in half and push the folded end into the smaller bead.


Step Ten:

Push the larger bead on next. It is ok if the folded end sticks out a tiny bit. Next cut the open ended part of the pipe cleaner, leaving about half an inch roughly and separate to make the termite mandibles. See step 11 for an image of the termite head (It is the queen’s head but the principle is the same.)


Step Eleven:

Step 9 is also used to make the head of the queen. Also cut off about half an inch of the pip cleaner for the queen’s mandibles. Then hot glue the head to the pinecone.


Step Twelve:

Once all your termites are assembled and your mound is dry, you can hot glue them to your mounds. Also make sure you have a hole or two to represent the tunnels. Craftster chose to place his queen slightly in his mound and to add tiny wooden beads for eggs in his hole. GamerBoy had a termite coming out of a hole and the queen on the outside. GamerBoy also took a larger bead for body than the smaller termites to make the king.

I want to give thanks to my sister Ellie who helped me think out the process on how to make the termites. Without her, this would not have been successful.


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