Making Money Bags

Easy to make and works well. No sewing required

You Need:

1 piece of felt (standard size)

hot glue



Step One:

Fold your piece of felt in half  alone the smaller side


Step Two:

Unfold and make a 1 inch or so cut on the fold


Step Three:

Place string you cut ( I would say about 2 feet.) Use hot glue and fold. Make sure the string does not touch the hot glue. Do one side at a time.

Step Four:

Fold your felt in back in half again. Making sure the glued fold is on the outside.


Step Five:

Starting with the shorter side glue down the two open sides (but not the top with the string)

Use the edge of the scissors push the edges together so u do not hurt your hands.


Step Six:

Once the glue is dry, turn the bag inside out.

Step Seven:

Cut and tie your string together. Making sure the bag can close properly.

And volia, you are done.