Macuahuitl (Aztec Swords)

Macuahuitl are club like swards that have very sharp pieces of obsidian embedded into the sides…they are very deadly. Ours, of course, are not and we put ours up on the wall.

What you will need:

Glue gun

Corrugated cardboard

Exacto knife

scissors (maybe)

Black paint

Clear shiny nail polish


paint brush

markers or other paint to decorate (The kids choose to decorate after seeing pictures of real ones and used markers)

Step One:

I got a very long box and was able to draw out both sides of the “wooden” parts with a fold at the bottom. I found it made it easier putting it together. You need to draw out a four sided shape with a smaller side and larger side. Then cut it out using the exacto knife.

Step Two:

If you do the method above, you will need to score the cardboard where the fold will be and fold your piece in half.


This is roughly the shape you want.


Step Three:

Using your now folded piece you can use it as a guide to make the “obsidian” pieces. We ended up making three per side because we had to leave room for the handle area. Draw a half box for each piece right up against the “wood” part. Remove the “wood” part and finish drawing the boxes. Make sure the full box is double the half box you drew while the “wood” piece was in place; as you will need that half for gluing.




Don’t worry if this looks messy, you can fix it with painting and cutting.

Step Four:

You can now either cut them out and then paint the “obsidian” pieces or you can paint one side; wait til it dries then cut and paint the other side. We choose the second method.


Step Five:

Now open up your “wood” piece and glue your “obsidian” pieces onto one side of the “club” shape at the widest end. Then put more glue on top and along the edges to close it up.





Step Six:

Add shiny clear nail polish to each of the “Obsidian” pieces sticking out on both sides. Allowing each coat to dry before adding the next. We used 3 coats. This made the “obsidian” look shiny like real rocks.


Step Seven:

Decorate as you see fit.