How to Make a Dragonfly

You will need:

One christmas paper roll

Two large pom poms

Two large googly eyes

Four pipe cleaners

Construction paper

scissors and hot glue


Step One:

Cut your construction paper into large individual wings and put them aside.


Step Two:

Take the two pom poms and glue them together.


Step Three:

Glue your eyes on other side of your pom poms.

Step Four:

Take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the area where the pop poms meet then twist several times to make antennae.


Step Five:

Glue your now completed head to the opening of one end of your christmas paper roll.


Step Six:

Glue your wings to the top of your christmas paper roll. We chose to place them closer to the head than the tail side.


Step Seven:

Take the other 3 pipe cleaners and twist them together to make the legs. Using 3 will make 6 legs.


Step Eight:

Glue legs on bottom of christmas paper roll right underneath where the wings are.


Tada you are done.


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