Functioning Drawbridge

This is a how to to make a simple functioning drawbridge for a cardboard castle

You will need:


As well as a glue gun as I found out later if the thread spool hole is larger than the dowel you used. (see step five)

Step One:

Measure out the hole on both sides of the box you are using making sure they are equal from the box opening and from the top, then poke out and make the size of dowel you are using


Step Two:

Measure and cut out the string you will need. I used 24 inches just to make sure I had enough. Then affix one end to the thread spool.



Step Three:

Put the dowel into one hole of the box and pull it out where the opening of the “drawbrige” is and put on the spool then put the dowel through the other hole.




Step Four:

Now affix the other end of the string to the “drawbridge” by punching a hole through the middle top and tying the string around the edge.



Step Five:

This step may or may be necessary for the spook to work. You will be using the part of the dowel that sticks out of the sides to rotate the string around the spool. I found out if i needed to by testing it. If the “drawbridge” does not close all the way then you will need too.

Slide the spool to one side and apply some hot glue to the dowel near the middle where the spool should sit then slide the spool back over the hot glue and allow to set.


And now you have a functioning drawbridge which you can turn into a castle. 🙂


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