Bees and HoneyCombs

This How-To is a couple ideas put together. So let’s get to it

You need:
Yellow Pom Poms

Small Styrofoam Balls

Pipe Cleaners

Wax Paper

Yellow Tissue Paper

Googly Eyes

White Craft Foam

Something for Eggs ~ We used tiny wooden beads.

Yellow and Black Paint

Egg Cartons

Scissors, paintbrushes, and hot glue.


Step One:

Glue your Styrofoam balls together to make the head and body of your worker bees (two small Styrofoam balls) For the queen bee, use 3 yellow pom poms (the head should be smaller than the middle one and the middle one should be smaller then the final one.)


Step Two:

Your Styrofoam balls need to be painted yellow and stripes added to both them and your pom poms. Obviously you need to let the yellow dry first, and also we found a second coat was needed. To add the strips use a straight edge paintbrush and use only the tip and make your lines as you see fit.


Step Three:

While you are waiting for paint to dry, start working on the hive. We used a who egg carton bottom for ours.

Take of the top and side bit. and add a dab of glue to each egg holder and then crunch up a small piece of yellow tissue paper and put it in.


Step Four:

We cut off the peaks in the middle to lay one large piece of wax paper over top but you could cut out individual pieces for each holder. Also decided where you want eggs at this point. Remember one egg per cup. Use a dab of glue to hold the egg in place then cover with the wax paper.


We had to cut a hole for this egg.


Step Five:

Put your honeycomb aside. And return to your honeybees. For the Styrofoam workers: Cut out 6 same size pieces of pipe cleaner for the legs, two same size pieces of pipe cleaner for the antennae and one piece for the ovipositor (stinger). Just stick them into the balls where u want them. For the Queen, you will have to glue them on.


Step Six:

Cut out wing shapes from the white craft foam and glue them on Also glue on your googly eyes.


Step Seven:

Now figure out the placement of the bees on your honeycomb and glue them down (we have to apply glue to the legs for ours)


We made ours to look like the queen was laying eggs.

TADA! You are done.


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