Why Do I “Hate” Santa Claus?


I wrote this several years ago and the question keeps coming up so I thought I would add it here too.


I want to say up front that I do not hate Santa Claus nor did I have a “bad childhood experience with him”…I just don’t believe that propagating him to our children is a Godly thing. Here is why….

1. He is a mythological being that every adult person knows is not real. We spend huge amounts of time trying to instill honesty and integrity into our children and then we spend 8-10 years of their lives lying to to them about him. I have witnessed the devastation in other kids when they find out the truth and it is a form of betrayal in the child. How do you tell your kids that it’s wrong to lie, unless it makes life more fun? When the child discovers the truth that you have lied after making santa a huge part of the child’s life; and it is removed, the child may start to question whether you have lied about what you are saying about God.

2. He is treated as if he is God…”he knows when your awake or asleep…he knows if you’ve been good or bad.” These are attributes of God. He even has a temple in every mall that people will march their kids to to take pictures and beg a favour from him. Children will talk to him at home as if he can hear. He even has a parade in his honour in every major city.  Santa is an idol plain and simple.

3. Parents, esp. now, spend huge amounts of time trying to safe-guard their kids from harm from strangers and yet then tell them it is ok to sit on a stranger’s lap…all it would take it is for one pedophile to dress as santa and off it goes.

4. Parents scrape and scramble to buy huge amounts of presents for their kids from him…should not Christmas be about God, family and sharing not getting….and I question the idea that we should go into debt over a lie.

4. CHRISTmas is supposed to be about CHRIST.  If you call it CHRISTmas then celebrate whose birth you name it after. Other belief systems who have holy days around this time do not propagate the Santa story…so why should CHRISTians?

5. The real St. Nicholas was a believer in Christ, and gave presents to a bunch of needy kids who had nothing…he was a human who died and does not return to give presents…nor an elf who lives in a hidden city up north.

6. What about the kids who have parents who can’t afford anything, let alone presents…are the kids supposed to believe they are naughty cause Santa never showed up?

Remember if you call yourself a CHRISTian then your focus should be on the manger not a man in a red suit. If your not a Christian…since Santa is based on a Christian man…why do you propagate his mythology?


These are my OPINIONS and are not intended to cause issues…just stating why we do not propagate the Santa Myth.