Zoo Fun

As part of our Zoology: Land Animals Curriculum, we have been building a model of a zoo. So I thought I would do a post showing what we have done so far.

Working on the base:

Our base is made out of 4 foam boards. Two taped together to form two separate bases for storage.


Adding Canines:

For fencing we are using small coloured craft sticks.


For trees, we have used pom poms and normal sized Popsicle sticks.


Adding Feliforms:

For Grassland and forested grass areas, we used cut pipe cleaners.

For rocks, we have used real stones and pompoms.


For bushes, we have cut down normal Popsicle sticks and pom poms.


For Vines, we used yarn.


Adding Caniforms:

For our bamboo forest, we used dyed green toothpicks.


For our polar bear cave, we used egg cartons and cotton balls.

Also you can see in the background: Our Giant zookeeper, Magdalena lol.


Adding Marsupials:

Adding extra water, we just cut out construction paper.

The Tasmanian Devil den was made from an egg carton bit and very tiny pom poms

The koala tree is actual a playmobil set.


Adding Primates:

The Primate mountain and waterfall is paper mache and paint.


Adding Rodentia:

The hedgehog den is a jello treat container painted with brown paint and a bit of white glue.

The rabbit tree is just a toilet paper roll cut.

The bench is created with small craft sticks.


Adding Ungulates:

The barn was created out of  milk carton

The food trough is craft sticks and pipe cleaners

The water troughs are made the same way as the food trough but we just poured in a bunch of hot glue for water.


The elephants water is a piece of fancy pipe cleaner, cut and glued.


Adding Artiodactyla:


The apple tree is a normal Popsicle stick, large pom poms and tiny pom poms.

The hay piles are small pieces of pipe cleaners tied together as is the rat’s pile seen behind the horse.


The brush near the water in the deer habitat are tiny pieces of pipe cleaner twisted together and glued down.


That’s all we have so far.


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