Week 6

After my illness, I am finally able to to get all caught up with our blog so here is week 6!

Relic Hunting:

We finished up studying the Aztecs and took a “journey to Peru” to study the Inca.

To help us, we got ourselves some Llamas to travel through the Andes Mountains.

We also learned how to make Quipu. The Incan string counting.

And as we looked at the Incan diet, we made some quinoa “Mac” and Cheese.


Land Animals:

We continued our studies of caniforms. We did a small experiment on what it was like to function without thumbs for a while.

As well as bookwork, we did an experiment on how Polar Bears black, yep it is true, skin helps to keep them warm up in the cold climates.


Please see our digital artwall for completed project pictures HERE

In Other News:

Both GamerBoy and Craftster are becoming self sufficient in doing their core work; math and language; often times getting it done before we are ready to start the day. This is a great thing for both of them. We are excited to see that they can self teach and yet they will come to us for help if needed.

Craftster is still taking French and GamerBoy is now in a class on Dinosaurs that helps him with printing and reading comprehension.

I can not remember if it was said but Craftster is now a junior leader with Cubbies at church and is on a leadership team for kids sunday school. Both he and Gamerboy work hard still at verse memorization and getting their AWANA bookwork done.



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