Week One ~ 2017 Education Starts

Our first week is over and we have had a blast already.

Outside language and arithmetic we have two areas we are studying inclusively.

Land Animals:

A study of creation based science … The kids are so excited.

For fun we put some 3D animals together this week.

We lost the picture of the cheetah lol.

Relic Hunting:

A study of ancient civilizations with the fun of “relic hunting.”

The kids learned about the study of Archaeology this week and had a “dig.”

We spent several hours practicing proper digging and documenting techniques. We also drew some conclusions about how and why we found things buried the way they were.

We used an “alien” body to pay homage one of our favourite “history” shows… Ancient Aliens lol.

Craftster spent time “restoring” the broken pottery shards we found.


We also did Little Passports this week… We studied Turkey.

We learned that the word ASLAN means lion in Turkish…interesting no?


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