Final Sabbath Week

Well last week was our final Sabbath week and it was busy.

We cleaned the boys room thoroughly in anticipation of having company at the end of the month.

We also sorted through curriculum from years past. This will be the first year we don’t have to spend as much because GamerBoy can now use some of the stuff we already have from Craftster.

We also started cleaning up the school area getting stuff down and sorted.

I have been busy working on next years stuff as well.

We have been working on some plants for the garden that is supposed to be happening. If and when our landlord allows it.

This will be the last month Craftster takes french class at the Wilson Education Resource Center til fall.

Language and Arithmetic are the last things and should be done this month.

Our year is winding down and I am sad and happy at the  same time. There is a pile of paper work I have yet to get down, partially due to no ink at home to print of some stuff.

The kids are looking forward to their break. Although, we do have some awesome things planned.


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