Week 29

So this week was as predicted slow in some ways but the kids had some fun anyway.

The Middle Ages:

We talked about travelling and transportation this week, and made art compasses.

We also did  a pilgrimage scenario.We talked about what a pilgrimage was and then they had to decide where they wanted to go and why. Also, had to plan the trip and so on.

Earth Day:

We really don’t celebrate it because we believe too many people turn into a day of idol worship. But we did talk creation and what God’s original plan of stewardship was.

BakersMom then decided to use the opportunity to get our plants ready in pots with the kids.


In Other News:

Craftster decided to finally do his soda can robot kit he got for Christmas.


And we were asked to create a craft out of a cylinder for our Rabbit Island Mission Trip. So here it is .

Bakersmom is doing well in her recovery. No major set backs except her skin got irritated from the steri-strips and bandages. Continued prayers please.


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