Week 28

This week was absolutely crazy for us but more on that in a second. First, we will show off what we did for school.

The Middle Ages:

We studied herbology, medieval medicine, and the plague.

Here are some shots of us making infusions of some common plants for simple ailments.

Gamerboy decided to pick up our lap harp and practice. The kids have had a year of piano lessons with Grandma R before we moved..so his skill was impressive.


In Other News:

This week was crazy for us because BakersMom had her gallbladder removed and everything fell on me to accomplish. I ma not used to that both mentally or physically. My cerebral palsy often limits my abilities. But we have had some amazing friends step up and help to. We are so grateful to all them and to our church family. BakersMom is doing fine now.

One special thing the boys got to do was Toy Hacking with the TinkerTruck and the Wilson Education Resource Center. Think Sid from Toy Story and you will know what Toy Hacking is. See side bar for links to the TinkerTruck and the Wilson Education Resource Center.

Picture credits go to Sandra Wilson.

We only have 3 weeks left of The Middle Ages and then officially all we have left is our lessons in Math and Language at home. But we will be doing other stuff I am sure.

I have also created a facebook page for The Invested Dad, please click HERE and like us over there.


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