Week 27

Ok time to get y’all caught up!

This past week we did a lot of cool things.

Flying Creatures:

This was our final week using the Flying Creatures curriculum. We finished up our study of lepidoptera.

We made transforming butterflies.

I also asked the kids to make an info-poster on two species of butterflies.

Craftster chose the Painted Lady.


Gamerboy chose the Blue Morpho.


We also were able to finally change up our nesting tree from snow to blossoms.


To finish of our insect zoos; we made dragonflies.


HERE is our how to make the dragonflies as I could not find anything on pinterest.

And here are some pictures of the completed insect zoos.


The Middle Ages:

Here is a shot of Craftster working on his Castle report.


We finished our study of alchemy.

We made Rose Water.

We made some herb salts.


We also made ivory soap expand.

We, then turned it into a moldable messy clay.

Then to round up medieval technology we made a functional water wheel.

In Other News:

We did this month’s Little Passports. Antarctica

Bakersmom’s Surgery went well but more on that in next’s weeks blog.


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