Week 26

This week we had a ton of fun.

Flying Creatures:

This is our 2nd last week of Flying Creatures. We are studying Lepidoptera. Unfortunately a lot this week was book work. Next week, we will have some pictures to post.

The Middle Ages:

We started a two week study of Alchemy.

We started with colour changing playdough. Their inquisitiveness made hard not to reveal the secret til the end.

We, then, did Treasure Rocks…which the kids loved.

When we had gone to the museum a while back I got water marbles for them to play with.

We also got them some silly putty.

We made Elephant Toothpaste

We extracted strawberry DNA:

We also attempted to make Rock Candy.


In Other News:

The kids had the opportunity to do some 3D modelling and printing thanks to the TinkerTruck and the Wilson Education Resource Center.

Also, we spent the day on Saturday prepping some freezer crockpot meals for the week of BakerMom’s gallbladder removal surgery.


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