Holy Week

We took the week off “normal” education…

We did a special devotion every day.


We watched The Passion Live several times and had some lovely discussions about the events of holy week.

We used our Resurrection Egg set to further discussion experience Jesus’ passion.

We went to the Wilson Education Resource Center both on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday, we made up hours for volunteering that we missed last week. Wednesday is our normal day plus the boys attended french class.

Thursday, we talked about the events on the night of Jesus’ betrayal and arrest. And we discussed foot washing. We made a paper craft.

Friday, we talked about the death of Jesus and made some jeweled crosses.


On Saturday, we visited some family and before bed tried to make Resurrection Cookies. Unfortunately, the eggs would not co-operate so we improvised and made rising “souffles.”


On Sunday, we chose not to attend church because a neighbour in our building planned and ran a “hunt” for the kids. We thought it would be a good time to share Jesus’ love.

When we returned to our apartment, We watched the Passion Live again at Gamerboy’s request and God’s Not Dead. WE also gave them their Resurrection treats. and we made a tomb craft.


For myself, I attended a week long online bible seminar on the Last Day of Prophecy. I loved it and my kids got to see daddy learning too.



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