Camp Week

Originally, we had planned to attend a time machine camp at the Wilson Education Resource Center…unfortunately it was cancelled…so I came up with a camp at home on the fly even though I was sick.

So I present to you…

80’s Cartoon Camp.

Day One: Thundercats

We watched the five part miniseries of Lion-o’s anointment trials. After each episodes we discussed character traits and related it to our lives as Christians.
The kids loved watching the episodes.
I planned two crafts.

Thundercat symbols:

I also got them to create their own Thundercats.

This is a Builder Bobcat.


This is a Musical Mixed breed.


Day Two: Jem and the Holograms and She-Ra.

I wanted one day were I showed that females were also heroes. With Jem, I focused on how she helped those in need. We looked at two episodes on this.

With She-Ra, we looked at the Sword of She-Ra mini-series, how she was with the horde at first and then how Adora saw the truth and became She-Ra…relating it to our walk with Christ.

We also discussed the differences and similarities between Jem and She-Ra…and how they helped others.

For crafts, we made microphones.

We also did swords.


Day Three: Transformers.

We focused on the five part miniseries The Five Faces of Darkness, which talks about the creation of the transformers. We compared it to our own creation and our relationship with God vs the relationship of the transformers with their creators.

I had the kids create their own species.

Then I had them create mechnoid creations out of lego.

The kids had a blast and have already asked for another one 🙂

I will at later but sooner date put up the lesson plans as requested.


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