Week 24

After 10 days of being sick, we are all finally on the mend, and I can get a few blog updates done.

With that said, Here’s what we did on week 24.

Middle Ages:

We spent the week looking at battle tactics and how one would might survive a siege. I created a small RPG style siege battle for the kids to figure out…One was the besieged castle defender and was the attacker. They had fun making plans and adapting to the conditions that changed. Unfortunately, we have not finished it yet due to us getting sick…but we will asap. There were no pictures for this.

Flying Creatures:

We made Praying Mantises.

We also made a series of flashcards to study the orders of insects.


I also had them create their own insect species out of playdough for their boxes.

See artwall for finished products.

Math and language, plugs along as always.

In Other News:

The following week was supposed to be time machine camp week, but the center did not get enough kids signed up so I created our at home camp for the week…We had planned to go in on the drop in days anyway but due to the sickness that was also cancelled. We had also hoped to take a trip to the nearby birds of prey center but again due to sickness it was also cancelled. I will do a separate blog entry on the camp I did.



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