Week 23

This week was also a slower week in photograph-able activities. There was a lot of studying and reading and bookwork.

Flying Creatures:

We finished our study of beetles, flies and true bugs. Unfortunately, as I feared, the gelatin started to grow things and so we went to our back up plan to include our water striders on our insect zoo.

Not as cool but it works.

The Middle Ages:

This week, we started looking at sieges and what it is like and what is used.

I had the kids draw some castle scenes…no rules.

Then we looked at building siege weapons…some worked some didn’t.

The kids had a blast playing with their medieval launchers and trying to figure out how many stones they needed for the ball to go the distance and strength they needed.

Craftster attempted a ballista on his own accord. It doesn’t work but he liked it as a model.

In Other News:

There will a new adventure with Rifka Kitty posted soon.

Bakersmom and I are now officially CPR/AED certified.

The first meeting for the trip up to Manitoulin went well and things are slowly coming together with getting some funds.


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