Week 20 ***Updated***

This week we didn’t have a lot of hands on stuff but we did do a lot of learning.

Flying Creatures:

This week we started our study on social insects. We covered honey bees and ants. We made honeycombs and bees. I will post a how to asap.

HERE is our How to.

The Middle Ages:

We covered the basics of the home and made “vessels” out of clay. Craftster made a tankard and GamerBoy made a goblet.

***Edit in***

I forgot this part…We also tried our hand at cross stitching and the kids could not get.. so we tip our hats off to those ladies through out all ages who sat there doing it…it is not easy as it looks.


Little Passports:

This month we studied Kenya. We made Kenyan paper masks and drew on paper made from “elephant poo.”


In Other News:

We decided to enroll the boys in a french class at the Wilson Education Resource Center. It was quite the adventure getting them to but they enjoy it. Neither thought they would enjoy it and it is done as an immersion style.


For our exciting news….

Craftster and I will be going on a Mission Trip this summer. I am returning to the place and organization where I had my first Mission Trip. We will be going for a week this summer with out church and working with DayStar Native Outreach.  This will be Craftster’s first time doing this kind of thing. We are both excited and I really hope he gets some of the same things out of it that I did. I have added a link in our useful links section to the website for DayStar. We ask much prayer as we prep for this adventure to help the Native People of Rabbit Island.


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