Week 16

This week, we had a hard lesson that wasn’t academic but a life lesson. Our eldest cat had to be put down. She was 14, suffering from arthritis, her kidneys had failed and she was beginning to go into massive organ failure. Gamerboy and I had to stay home during the appointment; he had hoped and prayed our kitty would come home…Our tears have not stopped even though we know there was nothing we could do and putting her down was the best thing for her.


We also got this made with her paw.

Picture 97

We  will miss her a lot.

Flying Creatures:

This week we started our study of insects and it was mostly lessons and book work; but fascinating.

The Middle Ages:

We studied various forms of entertainment. We learned the history of chess and how it represents medieval life. I brought out my special hand carved set for them to use.

We made our own set of giant Royal cards…see the digital artwall for completed set.

We also made simple knight “dolls.”


Other News:

A special opportunity for Craftster and I has come up…please pray for us as we consider it .


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