Christmas Sabbath

And we’re back at school!

Our Christmas Sabbath was jam packed of Christmassy fun.

Bakersmom did baking with the kids.

And Gingerbread creations (Geeky ones of course)

They even made fake ones

We had a home crafting day.

We made Popsicle stablesDSC03997

Walnut mice


Christmas in a nutshell


and tealight snowmen


plus some dollarstore craft kits.

We had a visit from friends and made Doctor Who Cookies

Christmas Eve, we all got new jammies and watched Paddington Bear and The Crippled Lamb.

On Christmas Day, we made birthday cakes for Jesus.


The kids really enjoyed their gifts. They got lots of cool stuff including Minecraft for the PS3, Lego dimensions, Catan and a few other board games.

New Years, we made Rice Krispie treat trains.


Gamerboy did not make it to midnight but the rest of us did.

It was a great two weeks but we are happy to be back at school.


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