Week 15

We did  it! We survived the first part of school…and we are having a blast during our Christmas Sabbath.

So here is what we did during week 15.

Flying Creatures:

We made clothespins pterasaurs…

…and a pterasaur fossil egg.


The Middle Ages:

This week we talked about medieval clothing.

We did a sewing  project  I got at Mastermind to help the understand the basics of sewing by hand.

Then we finished our capes that we screenprinted at the TinkerTruck workshop at the Wilson Education Resource Center ( See links on main page.)


Little Passports:

We got our next package a few days after doing our last and we decided to do it and have it hanging over us over Christmas.

We studied Ireland.. one of the projects was to make a castle. Since we have already done two, we bypassed that but here are some pictures from what did do.

Other News:

The kids participated in our church’s Christmas kid and youth led service. Gamersboy  was in the chorus and had to also read out Luke 2. Craftster was an usher and plate collector.

I will not be posting a blog next week but near the end of the Sabbath so I will have lots to post about.

Merry Christmas all, and remember because of The Babe, Hope is Here!


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