Week 14

Week 14 has come and gone and it was a very busy week for us. The kids had fun too.

Flying Creatures:

We finished our study of bats.

We made hanging bats.


We also made bat lapbooks.


The Middle Ages:

We had fun making origami samurai hats as we studied the samurai more in depth.

We also touch on hunting and hawking and “trained” our own falcons.

And as you can see our sweet Magdalena joined us.


Next week we are talking about Medieval Clothing so we we spent a day talking about and making natural dyes and dying cloth.

Unfortunately, not sure why but some of the dyes didn’t work so well but we can learn from it and try again.

The blue (from red cabbage), the brown (coffee grounds), and the orange (onion skins) worked the best.

Little Passports:

This month we studied a bit about Thailand.

We made Elephant masks.

Other News:

We were fortunate to attend the Christmas Craft day at the Wilson Education Resource Center.

Week 15 will be our last week before our Christmas Sabbath. We are looking forward to it plus have time to do some Christmas crafts and baking.


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