Week 11

This week was a bit slower but we got to do something fun…more on that later.

Flying Creatures:

We studied eggs and the types of hatchlings. And we attempted a couple of eggsperiments…which didn’t quite work out so we ended up watching some online videos showing it.


The Middle Ages:

We continued to study knights; we looked at armour and weapons.

We made padded armour samples using linen and cotton balls.

I got the idea from the Guedelon series we were watching…only they used linen and wool.

We also made felt pennants.  I tried to keep them in the medieval theme but Craftster is really hooked on minecraft so…his became a creeper.

See the Art Wall for finished work.

Other News:

We spent an afternoon at the Wilson Education Resource Center in conjunction with TinkerTruck doing Screen Printing. (Tinkertruck link now added to the useful links section.)

This was so fun. Yes  I made one too. We are using the cloth to make capes for costumes. Will post completed pictures when they are done.

The boys took their 4th geology class and they are looking forward to their last class.

They also attended the Cambridge Santa Parade which turned out to be quite the adventure.


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