***Updated*** Week 10

This week was so busy and we had so much fun.

Flying Creatures:

We made a nesting tree out of our Canadian map that shows the provincial birds.


We made 5 types of nests.

Cavity Nests

Cup Nests

Mound Nests

Floating Nests


and Hanging Nests

Flying Creatures was fun and the kids love what we did.


The Middle Ages:

We started a multi-week study on Knights…the kids have been looking forward to this part for so long.

We did some drawing and colouring (see the artwall for them). Then we made egg carton knights.

See the artwall for finished products.

Other News:

We spent Remembrance Day at the Wilson Education Resource Center and watched the live stream from Ottawa and talked about what freedom means and did a poppy craft.

The kids are continuing their Forensic Geology class. Here is a couple of shots of what they have done.


Craftster attended his first major youth event away from home and went to Niagara Falls to an indoor waterpark.

GamerBoy spent the day at Settlers Camp at the Wilson Education Resource Center. Will post pictures of stuff if his artwork shows up (was misplaced).

The only thing that was recovered was his certificate from the Oregon Trail.

oregon trail certificate.jpg



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