Second Sabbath Week

Well this sabbath week was a bit more restful and yet busy.

We spent time with family and friends.

The boys took their second forensic geology class, we volunteered at the Wilson Education Resource Center, and Bakersmom and the boys cleaned and arranged the boys bedroom.

We had a belated thanksgiving dinner / birthday celebration with family. We also got the opportunity to finally go mastermind and spend their birthday gift cards. They got a good pile of loot. 🙂

We were able also to pick up a new package of Sea Monkeys. We are hoping for a good batch this time. I also picked up a model kit of Leonardo DaVinci’s catapult. I built myself because there was only one but the boys played with it when I was done.

DSC03663 DSC03664 DSC03665 DSC03666

I also spent time coming up with with nest crafts for Flying Creatures and then turned our map of Canada which has the provincial birds on it into a tree so we can display all the nests 🙂

DSC03668 DSC03678

We were also able to spend a night with some church friends.


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