Week Nine

This week was so much fun and the boys enjoyed the activities.

Flying Creatures:

We spent the week learning about nests. It was truly amazing learning there are so many types.

Two facts that stood out to us all were:

Eagle nests can weigh up to a ton or the weight of a small car.

Some nests are made completely made out of spit.

We also investigated owl pellets.

DSC03623 DSC03625 DSC03628 DSC03629 DSC03632 DSC03633

The Middle Ages:

This week we did a basic study of castles and looked at stone carving.

DSC03595 DSC03598

We used ivory soap to carve with. See our digital artwall for the completed projects.

We also spent two days building mortar and brick castle models…brick by brick.

DSC03611 DSC03618 DSC03634 DSC03637

See our digital artwall for completed projects.

Other News:

We don’t celebrate halloween due to our beliefs but we do take pleasure in pumpkin carving.


The big one we did 4 sides to and picked our favourite TV show…can you guess what?

DSC03656 DSC03657 DSC03658 DSC03659

This week, also, the boys started a “class” on forensic geology at the Wilson Education Resource Center. It seems like they are enjoying it. Although the aspect of “homework” is not something they like.

This week coming is our second sabbath week…we shall see what stuff we shall get into.


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