Week Eight

What a crazy week we had…but it was fun.

Flying Creatures:

We made maps showing the migration of our favourite birds.


Robin Migration


Mallard Duck Migration

We hung some migrating birds over our window.


We made some movable migrating ducks.


And the boys wrote migration stories and turned them into books. (no pictures sorry.)

The Middle Ages:

This week we studied the pulley and some of its uses. We made a simple pulley system so they could understand how it works.

DSC03407 DSC03422

The idea came from the Wilson Education Resource Center. You can see how to make one HERE. You can see the finish project on our digital art wall.

We then took the principle of the pulley and how it could be applied. We made water wells.

DSC03433 DSC03445

As you can see it works. 🙂

Then we took it further and made functional drawbridges in castles.

DSC03473 DSC03478 DSC03480 DSC03486

HERE is our how to for the drawbridge.

Other News:

We had some friends visit from Indiana. They brought the boys some bug specimens and we visited the Earth Sciences Museum at the University of Waterloo. They had a gem and mineral show as well as a science open house.

DSC03497 DSC03504 DSC03512 DSC03542


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