Week Six

Last week went smoothly and because of cool weather setting in some experiments had to be held off til next year…no freezing poor birds!

Flying Creatures:

We continued to talk about feathers and feather structure. We were supposed to build bird baths but its too cold outside and the boys made some at church in the summer.

DSC03392 DSC03393

We hope to use them next spring.

The Middle Ages:

We studied the japanese feudal system and made some fun stuff.

We did “woodblock” printing

DSC03361 DSC03367

It was fun. See our digital artwall for finish products

We also made 2D pagodas. Click HERE for a how to and see our digital artwall for the completed project.

DSC03372 DSC03371

Other News:

Craftster decided to get crafty as usual and make some stuff.

DSC03382 DSC03391

Gamerboy in his spare time has been working o playing some lego starwars PS3 game.

For BakersMom: She has been crafting as well with a ladies group from church. She has made some cool stuff. I have no pictures yet.

I just finished a week long online bible study called Heroes of the Faith. It was very good. Even if I didn’t agree with everything 🙂


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