Week Four

We had fun this week…and we learned a lot.

The Middle Ages

We started learning about the Feudal System and we looked at the “European” system… We ended the week with an M&M simulation.

DSC03093 DSC03098 DSC03102 DSC03105 DSC03114 DSC03122 DSC03126

course we had to use stuffies cause there wasn’t enough humans for it.

Flying Creatures

We made bird feeders and a suet feeder…unfortunately a squirrel discovered them and has helped him or herself out to them.

DSC03036 DSC03038


We also did an experiment to what type of seed birds like.

DSC03130 DSC03159

Little Passports

We did this month’s package…Russia. We made paper Faberge eggs and played with a matroyoshka.


Other News

We had a visit from some of our dearest friends and made for some amazing fun with the kids.


Core subjects are going well and the kids love it.


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