Week Three

Week three was a bit slow in terms of activities but we did do some.

Flying Creatures

This week Monarch Caterpillars came to the Wilson Education Resource Center. We were going to get a kit ourselves but things came up. Mrs. Wilson allowed the kids to help set up and do our own thing that we would have had done in our curriculum.

Getting Setup

Getting Setup


Shedding its Skin

The kids were excited and can’t wait til this week to go back in and see what they are doing.

Middle Ages

We did an intro week to the Middle Ages.  We talked about how we know about the Middle Ages. We started to watch a 5 part series on the building of Guedelon Castle which is a building of a 14th century castle being built today using only techniques from the 14th Century.

The playlist can be found HERE.

And the Website can be found HERE.

The kids did some colouring using a copy of an original illustration from the Middle Ages…see the Digital Artwall.

And we played some games to enhance our week.

Medieval Times Trivia

Medieval Times Trivia

Castles and Knights Snap

Castles and Knights Snap

We are now on a sabbath week…its an early sabbath week but it is how the cycle fell. HERE is a post on last years sabbath schooling if you want to know more.

What we are looking forward to this week is the Royal Medieval Faire. We plan to spend the whole day there and to learn and play as much as we can…Click HERE to learn more

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in anyway with any of the links here except as patrons.


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