Week Two 2015

So here we are again, another week successful!

Flying Creatures

We finished our section on basic zoology and classification in Flying Creatures now we can move onto actual studying of flying creatures.


We spent some time classifying stuffies.

The Middle Ages

We zoomed in this week on the Byzantine Empire…The kids had fun playing ¬†with lego building Byzantine buildings.


And making mosaics and colouring in some icon colouring pages. We discussed that all the colours used had meaning and was mostly christian/imperial based. What this means is a lot of the emperors put themselves in images with biblical characters.




Paper Mosaics

Please visit our digital art wall for the completed works.

Core Stuff

We are continuing our reading of medieval stories and both kids finished off another book each.

I am proud of their work ethic so far this year…striving to buckle down and get their school work done. Esp. with what they consider the “boring” aspects…their book work in math and language.

Craftster had a one “bad” day this week. His first this year and of course it shows in his work…but we all have those days.

Extra Stuff

Craftster started attending youth events this year and had his first one this week…He had a blast and I am glad for this opportunity.

Bakersmom is working with the Cubbies this year in Awana…I am happy for her…she likes being out and doing stuff more than I do. Don’t get me wrong, I love working with kids but long weeks don’t help me with all my disability and I am learning to say no when I know I shouldn’t take on extra stuff. I have said I will help on weeks that I can, I just couldn’t commit to a standing commitment.

Things are definitely looking up for us now…life in our new city is great.


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