Week One 2015 ***Updated***

***Updated to add links***

Last week was our first week of school. Here is a summary of our week.

We saw a renewed interest in wanting to learn from the kids. Esp. Craftster, I am excited for this new attitude.

Because we have limited wall space this year, Bakersmom and I decided to do a digital art wall online. It can be found HERE.

I will try to link appropriately as we go on.

Activities we did this week:

Medieval Journals


The idea was to teach the kids the value of books in the middle ages; but also that things take time. Today people live a fast paced life and want things now now now…this is not how it was then.

I found the how to for the journals HERE. But I took out the hammer & nail steps…as we used a strong enough needle.

Paper Plate Laurel Crowns (see link on digital art wall for a how too.)


We studied the fall of Rome and how it lead into the middle ages and we also talked about Constantine.

Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day 

We are using the course created by Apologia and it can be found HERE. (Disclaimer: We are not affiliated or associated with Apologia but find their creation based science amazing.)

We talked about zoology and began to study birds and how lift is important to flight.


We made gliders and tested wing sizes.

Gamerboy is reading a book on knights and castles and has so many questions. Craftster completed a reading study on King Arthur.

In math and language, both kids have already improved over last year…this is exciting.


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