Not back to School?! Batty Idea

Disclaimer: The thoughts here are my own and do not reflect all homeschoolers.

So here we are two days back into our education part of the year (am avoiding the use of school and it’s derivatives); yes we are starting earlier then the public system. This is mainly because of the Sabbath system we use and where we want it to fall for Christmas.

People are posting about these “Not-Back-to-School” activities…for goodness sake’s people…it drives me batty in many ways…I never understood it to begin with.

Here are my reasons:

  1. Many families do not stop educating during the summer months, they just start the next level or a new set of ideas to explore…so have you really the need to celebrate the fact your kids do not go to school? Let’s celebrate all year round the successes and even the failures of our kids.
  2. Many families are part of a “home school” network but often do not connect with people or go off on adventures all summer where you have not kept you are going to suddenly get together with a bunch of people you really don’t know just to tell the world your kid is not in school…It is not the world’s business.
  3. We have enough to do and enough people, enough activities already at the beginning of the fall; do we need one more, imho, meaningless activities.

Now, if you are active within your community, fine go ahead hang out with your friends when ever, do we really need to mark it with a day?

I rather spend the ” not-back-to-school” day actually learning and having a blast. So would my kids…

They have a great group of friends now so they really didn’t want to waste time going to anything like that.


One thought on “Not back to School?! Batty Idea

  1. Interesting thoughts. We love it, especially since we unschool. It’s more symbolic. I think this year, my kids need to celebrate it. They will miss all of the kids in our neighbourhood when they return to school. Not-Back-To-School-Day is a reminder to them that they have freedom to learn in a different way and by meeting up with other homeschooling families they are also reminded that they have other friends who aren’t in school. We all have our reasons for what we do. Have a great Not-Back-To-School-Day! 🙂

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