Journey Forward

We finally got the bulk of our resources for school and I was able to start to really organize and start working on the lessons for our Middle Ages theme. Also organize our flying creatures course.

It has not been an easy process. I have an over creative mind and want to do a bunch things all at once. Trying to put everything into a somewhat logical order, in keeping with the idea that we wanted to make it as experiential and personal as possible, goes against my own thought processes.

Yet I journey forward, I have spent the past 3 days pouring through our own resources and everything I had spent weeks pinning to my pinterest. I have spent time researching individuals and themes, topics and ideas…in the hopes my kids will really enjoy this year. I am not done yet either.

I am mentally and physically tired…my cerebral palsy hasn’t helped. My anxieties about things have been like a raging storm on the ocean and yet I journey forward.

Non-school related life has continued on while this has happened, and I have to be part of it too…as much as I want to hide in a dark room and forget the world, because I am overwhelmed and yet I journey forward

I journey forward because in the end, God commands I train them up; my kids are so worth it; I am an invested dad!


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