And So It Begins…

People are gearing up for school again. There are back to school commercials, and stores are packing in the supplies.

And with that, comes the people and their opinions about home education. I sure every home schooling parent goes through this..but seriously people; things do not change from one year to next. So I am sure, like most other parents, I am going hit up on some the common issues that come up.

Yes, I am going to probably be a bit sarcastic here but the feelings are real.

Socialization: Yes, cause everyone has 30 or so friends all the same age and in the real world your co-workers are all the same age too. C’mon people sitting in a class for 8 hours a day is not learning how to get along with others. That is done during group work, recess, and maybe during gym time. All this can done by the home educating parents, through play time, sports teams and all other forms of hanging out. Which btw is done by those going to school as well. Truly invested parents create opportunities for this to happen no matter where their kids get educated.

Sitting in a circle, standing in a line and other strange things people think of: Seriously! THIS, is so important, that it can only be learned in a school? Let me see here. I take my kids shopping, plenty of opportunity to stand in a line there. My kids sit with their friends…it may not be a circle but they sit well. The other things are just as easily shown in real life applications.

How can you teach, you don’t have a degree: First off, both my wife and I have college degrees but they don’t apply to our lives now because of life circumstances. But gee golly whizzers, I managed to teach my kids the first 6 years of life and I went to school myself and guess what I passed…but seriously people; with curriculum you can buy and the internet, anything we don’t know, we can figure out. It isn’t all that hard.

The kids will turn out weird: Yes, cause it’s weird to teach your kids to think and learn for themselves. Seriously! Just because they are taught by us does not mean they well turn out weird, rather I think they will be more rounded because they will have experiences you can not get in a class room reading textbook.

Physical Education: Ok yes, I will admit due to my limitations and being in apartment, it’s more challenging…but there is so much we can do…sport teams, time at the park, purposeful walking, and low impact exercise can be done. We do not need a teacher at a school to be healthy and active.

What do u mean you are eclectic? You could sub in other home school labels for the other types; But for us, this year we will use some box curriculum but the kids are into everything knights and castles, so we decided to use that as a focus for art, games, music, reading, reports, history, geography…and the list goes on….You can use their interests to teach the basics. People have this idea that you must have this strict linear way of teaching and each component must be separate but it does not have to be and isn’t realistic to life.

What about breaks: Breaks from what? life? Yah, we have weeks where we won’t be using the curriculum but resting from it and pursuing activities that we can’t do because of school, just like other people. We just do it in a different way.

How dare you use religion to brainwash your kids: Yep heard that one too. Opposed to what? Teaching that there is no God, and that he is not welcome in my kids life? That science is better. Hate to tell you most of the founding fathers of science, were either Christian, Theists, and/or Deists. They wanted to prove the holy books right. My kids are taught various theories and ask to make up their own mind.

Don’t you miss you time: Me time? Since when and where does it say that having kids means you should shove them aside and say hey I am more important than them? Grow up people! Having kids means you do what it takes to train and raise them up. It doesn’t mean you get to shove them into a school so you can go out and party or whatever.(DISCLAIMER: This does not include parents who have work hard to put food on the table and roof over their kids’ head…I have total respect for them. Because of my disability, I can not work nor even school regularly but feel blessed I can be home with my kids.)

I think that covers it…I honestly dread dealing with people around this time of year but am uber excited to start teaching again.


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