Life Lessons

We had company this week. Friends whom we hadn’t seen since we started home schooling. They have seen a lot of what we have shared online of course.

The mom says she doesn’t have the patience for it…OK, Its not for everyone. I get that. And in her case, her own circumstances would not be right to home school.

BUT, I watched her use every opportunity to teach her son life lessons. Something we do as well.

We went to a coffee shop. She allowed him to buy his drink on his on, using the opportunity to teach him responsibility and math skills.

I think that any invested parent has the capability to educate at home, and I want to encourage all parents out there whether you are educating at home or not, to get in there and do the little things to teach your kids.

Despite your personal circumstances, you are the most capable and most “qualified” person to teach your kids. You know them better than anyone else.


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