Going to WERC

After our move, we took a walk down the street to a wonderful place called WERC or The Wilson Education Resource Center.

WERC: Taken from their website

It is one of a kind place that offers a lot to the home schooling and/or stay at home parent. It is a relatively new establishment.

They offer “classes,” camps, and various other things.

They have an amazing lending library.

Lending Library

Lending Library

They also have an used bookstore. The books are usually half off and in great condition. They range from kids books to home schooling resources to education and parenting resources.

The staff and volunteers are caring and great people, who love getting right into the thick of the fun of learning.

Gamerboy and Sandra

Gamerboy and Mrs. Wilson at Space PD Camp

Our kids have made some great friends there too ( see we are socializing them šŸ˜› ).

They have participating in the following classes and camps:

  • Spy Camp
  • Space Camp
  • Superheros Camp
  • Eggsploration invitation to play
  • Lego bridges1 and 2
  • Endangered Animals
  • Gardening club and two classes on the science of gardening and plants.
Working the Garden

Working the Garden

They love going to camp drop-in days; They have gone to Magic School Bus inspired camp drop-ins. We are looking forward to the inventors camp drop-in.

The campsĀ involve educational opportunities that are hands on and based on science, art, history, math and so on.

Bakersmom and I volunteer regularly and find it to be a great benefit to both of us.

Have a look at their website: Wilson Education Resource Center


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