Trying again

Oi! A whole year past.

So here are a few highlights and what we are doing this year coming.

  • We moved away from everything we knew at the command of God. We are better for it. The kids have more opportunities.
  • Sabbath schooling worked out great. We aren’t as burnt out as we were last year.
  • The kids enjoyed the year and both passed…as if there any doubts.
  • We are going more eclectic this coming year will the main focus on the middle ages…we are excited and we have started transforming our living room into a castle :
  • )DSC01899
  • We are watching Merlin as a precursor to the year.
  • We also got connected with a great center The Wilson Education Resource Center
  •  The Astronomy course through apologia was amazing and fun. We did a bit each day and made it more manageable and we are doing their flying creatures course this year.
  • Craftster enjoyed his history pockets this year and Gamerboy loved doing literature pockets. I am hoping this will lead us in what we will do with the middle ages. The activities I will be doing are similar.
  • I have discovered pinterest…a much better tool than the browser bookmarks.

Well I think that is all for now.


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