Sabbath Schooling

OK so I failed at trying to write down my thoughts summer got busy and now we are into school. After last year I realized both me and my wife kinda felt burnt out and slightly stressed and I started praying ….

I started seeing some posts on pages on facebook about Sabbath Schooling and investigated it.

Sabbath Schooling

The idea is you do 6 weeks of school and then take the 7th week off to do other things other than school. Based on the biblical account of creation basically.

So I started looking at when those weeks would be and I wanted one of the Sabbath Weeks to be “Christmas Week” basically the 23rd of Dec to the 1st of Jan ( I do realize it is a tad more then a traditional week but anyhoo).

So in order to have everything fall into place and have three 6 week periods before then we had to start August 11.

We will have another Sabbath Week in feb then will have a 5 week period then we scheduled our final Sabbath Week to be on Holy Week (Palm Sunday to Easter weekend) then have one final 5 week period (barring any make up days) then have part of May, all of June and July off.

We don’t intended to follow long weekends or the like either.

We also thought this might be useful to plan extended trips and so on knowing those are the definite weeks we have available 🙂

We are excited by this thought and hopefully it will give us the rest we need and our kids can enjoy themselves more.


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