Home Schooling: Glory to God

Today, I am going to address our third main reason for home schooling; our faith.

We are young earth christian creationists. We believe that God created the universe. the earth, and all in it as it is described in the bible. We believe in the birth, death, resurrection, and the coming again of Jesus Christ.

We have come to a point believing that the public system, was starting to interfere with the teachings and morals we wanted for Craftster and Gamerboy.

This became so evident during an incident last year with Craftster.  During a lesson about “native Americans.” Craftster and another Christian boy, stood up and walked out of the classroom for what they believed to be teaching that went against what we believe.

I was never so proud of Craftster as I was in that moment. However, what we learned around the incident, was a giant huge read flag.

The teacher claimed she was teaching about American History and the principal approached Baker Mom that afternoon, with concern and what appeared to her idea that we should reprimand Craftster for misunderstanding what the intent of the lesson. Which of Baker Mom did nothing of the sort. In the ensuing conversation with Craftster , we learned it was NOT history but rather Native spirituality and one of the creation stories of a tribe. It was being taught as fact.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I am all for learning about other cultures and their worldviews. This, however, must be done with caution and in context. Furthermore, this incident took place after another incident in which Craftster’s friend tried to talk about his worldview and was told it had no place at school.

This duplicitous dichotomy that exists were one must be tolerate of others worldviews so long as it doesn’t interfere with whatever the schools want to teach is NOT ok. Craftster also had another classmate of another religion who was regularly excused from lessons due to their beliefs. But this same courtesy was not being given to Craftster and friend.

Secondly, some new curriculum that was going to be introduced this year was around sexuality. For grade ones, it was talks about self-pleasure and for the grade fours; it was going into detailed and graphic talks about all forms of sexual pleasure. These discussions have no place for these age groups. I can understand grade fours learning about the upcoming changes to their bodies and a clinical discussion on reproduction but not how to “do it.” Ironically, when Baker Mom had the opportunity to discuss this with a school board official, she was told “I am NOT allowed to talk about it.” I firmly believe that it is our job as parents and Christians to have such talks with our children in the context of what God intended for sex. And finally, it should be noted that the man responsible for creating this new sex ed curriculum is up on charges of child pornography.

Another aspect of our decision to home school revolves around holidays. Our kids have been taught we believe in Jesus and He is the reason for season but to be respectful to other children who do not share these views. For example, and with much contention from family, we never did santa claus or the easter bunny, but taught our kids not to wreck it for their friends. However, around Christmas and Easter, our kids were not allowed to talk about their traditions but were forced to learn about ramadan, kwanzaa, and a slew of other holidays and encourage to participate in activities. Again, this is NOT ok. If we must be tolerant, it is of all holidays or none at all.

We found that Craftster in particular, was being confused and led to believe that our faith is not ok. Craftster was having a hard time reconciling the teachings of science (and to which I mean secular without God involved science) to the teachings Craftster was getting at church, in AWANA’s and at home.

Today, through Science in particular, Craftster’s spiritual aweareness is growing and the awe of God has crept back in. Craftster loves learning how God has designed everything, how it works and it is a joy for Craftster again.

Gamerboy, is a deep prayer warrior at the age that Gamerboy is and loves seeing what Gamerboy calls God’s power in all things.

They are no longer stifled by the confusing and often opposing worldview the public system is throwing at them.

As a family, our faith is a lot stronger since home schooling started. and that is the best thing ever.

It is as Hebrew 11:3 says..

By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.

I believe home schooling has far reaching benefits that go beyond just “learning.”

God Bless.


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