Home Schooling: Fixing What Was Broken

So I am gonna talk a little about my personal life here and some of the reasons why we are home schooling. I will talk about the academic reasons in a later blog.

Our journey really begins when Craftser was one. We had already done a lot of talk about schooling even then as Craftster seemed to be developmentally ahead. But just after Craftser turn one, my mother died of cancer. It hit hard and even Craftser seemed truly affected by this loss.

But then it gets worse, eight months later, Baker Mom had enough of the abusive relationship with her own mom and step-dad and after a huge altercation; she cut all ties with them. Being the abusive mother that Baker Mom’s mom was, she forced Baker Mom’s entire family to cut ties with us. It left us feeling very alone and Craftster suffered yet another loss.

A few months later, we were pregnant with Gamerboy and we were happy for a bit….

But we, then, suffered another huge blow; I had a sudden onset decline in health and ended up in a wheelchair for almost two years. Craftster, now lost a dad in  a very real sense, as I was very very involved in doing all I could even though I was already disabled. We did a lot of activities together and now I couldn’t.

To make things worse, I eventually became addicted to all the medicines I was on and it caused a lot of issues. People were telling Baker Mom, to abort Gamerboy and to divorce me. I became completely housebound.

So when Gamerboy was born, it was suggested by our developmental worker Craftster attend nursery school to help Baker Mom, and we felt we had no choice and the idea of home schooling was gone.

We, now, know that Craftser took this on as it was all Craftster’s fault…and our family started to fall apart.

Praise be to God however, as Baker Mom and I were Christians, I was able, with God’s help to break my addiction and get better. Today, I am free of the wheelchair and there was never any real medical explanation to as what happened to me.

At the end of that horrible two years, we were able to move out of our cramped apartment into a nearby townhouse complex. We thought, finally, life was going to be ok.

But we were wrong…

In the two years we lived there, we went through hell. At first, we were welcomed and were loving neighbours until a neighbour started destroying our friendships with well placed lies and maniuplations. By the time we were forced to flee, we had lost all but one friend there.

Craftster became a victim to bullying by several boys in the neighbourhood and in the school. We also became bullied and the subject of wild rumours and accusations. In those two years, we had two malicious calls made to CAS/CPS; both proven so. Two calls to the SPCA and animal control over our dog. Again all proven to be lies and malicious. We had done nothing to warrant this except to be good caring and loving neighbours who had helped many of the families there, time and time again.

The last day we spent that neighbourhood, I was falsely accused and several men threatened to harm in our friend’s yard and so the police were called. Shortly after that due to the stress, Baker Mom suffered an utter and complete mental collapse which also caused her heart to go into pre-cardiac arrest. Because the police had yet not shown up, I was forced to stay behind to get the kids off the buss from school and watch Baker Mom be rushed by ambulance to the ER.

I am happy to say she is ok now, obviously. After the police showed up,  my sister and brother in Christ (although now they are really family) came to help me with the kids as I was so upset and not really able to be a dad in that moment.  It was decided after Baker Mom was released that we could not live there another day. In fact I was in such fear, I almost collapsed too.

For the next two months we lived with my sister and brother, while we searched for a new home and gave us an opportunity to regain ourselves while keeping our children safe. My sister home schools and had along and we started the conversation again for our kids but we knew for the time being both kids to keep some sense of normalcy would stay in school.

In those final weeks, Craftser was subject to intense bullying at school by the same kids and the school refused to step in. But we were thankful that they would be attending a new school after we moved.

I will say that it did take that final year just to get ourselves re oriented to life again but the process for home schooling was decided and done by January. We chose to let the kids to finish the year so that we can get set up at home and take time to see academically what needed to be done for them. (Topic for next blog.)

Another note, that in order to move, we had to give up our dog (too big for our current apartment.) and Craftster also took on the blame for that. It was hard on all of us as our dog had been with us for those two years since he was a puppy and had been a special present for the kids’ birthday.

What we have discovered so far in this, our first year of home schooling  is that our family had been broken and that we NEEDED to fix it and it has been. Home schooling has given our family the opportunities to re-bond and to enjoy life and give our kids what they needed the most; trust, love, safety and understanding, even though life can be horrible, we are strong in Christ and that God has never abandon us.

We have seen a huge increase in the kids’ faith, something Craftser was losing. What comes to mind in all this is this verse.

But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.

Just like Joseph, all this evil intent has been turned around and brought us to a place where are stronger than ever.

God Bless


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